Isabella Ratti e Ilaria Marocco

The fashion sector is part of a creative digitisation process that aims to connect the real world and virtual reality through technology. When it comes to fashion, the experimentation aims at the creation of garments through simulations, digital formats and hyper-realistic organic shapes, before getting to the production of the actual garment.

It is a world where it is possible to create any kind of design from scratch and in an eco-sustainable way, even in motion or created with materials that cannot be shaped by human hands. The absence of constraints and the infinite possibilities to give free rein to the imagination become a highly attractive factor for young artists, designers and stylists.

Digital fashion is a market that has been profitable in the metaverse for years. All it takes is a computer and the right design software to make artists unleash their creative potential. Moreover, the realised project can immediately be shared and sold both on social networks and in online stores. We are facing a new digital universe that could change the entire vision of the fashion world.

The metaverse is not a parallel dimension, but it is a virtual life that intersects and connects with the real one. The concept of metaverse was also targeted by the interested gazes of important entrepreneurs, such as Mark Zuckerberg who renamed the company that controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with the name Meta. This suggests that the metaverse is the “next big thing” that will change the approach to technology, but also to personal and professional relationships.

Since it is expected that in the future business will also be done in the digital dimension, the time has already come for entrepreneurs and professionals to think about their strategic presence in the metaverse. “Having an image consistent with your professional sector is very important for success and to facilitate relationships with customers, companies and potential partners”, says Isabella Ratti, Personal Branding Expert and co-founder of the Italian Academy of Image Consulting together with Ilaria Morocco.

In short, in the previous article we saw how the metaverse can be interpreted not only as a hiding game in order to be someone else, but also as a potential sustainable work tool to create customised collections while saving resources. Now, we find that our image in the metaverse must be coherent and curated to convey the desired messages.

It seems that the ‘designers of the future’ will no longer just have to study the trends of the real world, but also those of the virtual one. So, it is good to know some rules.

For a professional and authoritative look, for example, men can opt for a 3-piece structured suit with classic and straight lines in shades of gray or blue, solid or regimental red tie, structured and square shoulder straps, blue or white shirt, watch with leather strap, leather shoe matched in colour and fabric with belt and hat. He can also emphasise the square features of the face with cuts and a well-defined short beard. For women, instead, the ideal outfit includes structured pinstripe trousers also with double-breasted jacket, red high heel (symbolically associated with a dominant character), pulled hairstyle (chignon type) or short hair, small minimal accessories (points of light or pearls), briefcase or square bag.

If the intention is to present himself on the metaverse with a dynamic, active and enterprising attitude, the man can choose a broken shirt, with trousers and a white shirt (even outside the trousers) with rolled up sleeves, sneakers and a metal watch. The woman, instead, can play on the mix of formal and informal garments, perhaps with a deconstructed jacket (also in fleece) and a t-shirt, combined with dark jeans and flat shoes.

If the goal is to draw attention, you can risk a lively and colourful outfit, with shiny fabrics, bulky accessories, plunging necklines, transparencies, asymmetrical cuts or applications (flowers, feathers, maxi collars …). To be listened to, however, a linear outfit, rigorous, without excesses, perhaps in one colour, is preferable: the 3-piece is excellent as it shifts attention directly onto the face.