This past 16 September, in conjunction with the Micam trade fair and with an exclusive event, Voile Blanche inaugurated its first store in Italy, which is the second store ever after the one in Paris, dedicated to beauty: the Voile Blanche Society. The space, which extends across 75 square metres, is located in the extremely central via Durini, in one of the city’s most elegant neighbourhoods, which has extremely close ties to the world of design. Among its products are not only the shoes of the brand belonging to the Falc group (which has its store of Naturino branded children’s footwear located just a short distance away), but also bags, designer objects and products for personal care and beauty. Already from the street, the store extends a clear invitation to customers to come in, thanks to its look that recalls a typical Milanese residence, which is reinterpreted however in a modern key, with a window conceived as an industrial frame that allows glimpses from the inside to be seen. Here, we find powder blue walls, wainscoting, and brass-finished surfaces in the furnishings, while floors are made from slats of marble with wooden inserts that bring us back in time. At the same time, footwear seems to float around in glass and brass display stands, almost as if it was part of a contemporary art installation. Inside, customers are free to look and move around, search for and select whatever they might desire, but also dedicate some time to relaxation in the welcoming front room, as part of a complete experience that is Voile Blanche’s formula for a new contemporary luxury.  .

Alessandro Bisconti, Brand Manager, Ombretta Scocco, Comunication Manager, Salina Ferretti, Falc General Manager