To create and not follow the fashion trends: this is the spirit that animates the collection of the Italian brand characterised by a very, very original and fun urban style

The Kool proposals are 100% Italian and made their debut at this year’s Pitti Bimbi, thus launching themselves onto the international fashion scene. Each shoe is a work of art that communicates its own lifestyle, a lifestyle able to stand out from the others and to be noticed.

The key words of the brand are Energy, Colour and Optimism. Their design seems like an invitation to look ahead without fear with a youthful and dynamic spirit, ambitious, yet sensitive and capable of deep thought. The 2016/17 winter collection is filled with a preference for robots as well as 4-legged friends for children, while the junior profiles count on irony and colour.

Barbed wire and skulls have always symbolised barriers against humanity, but now they become elements that bring individuals together, making them feel like themselves. In fact, when worn, they become icons of creativity and imagination.