Pasquale Pisano, a courageous entrepreneur from Caserta who decided to open a new shoe factory during the pandemic, believes in luck. But, instead of relying on the classic coral horn, he chose a truly unusual talisman for his new business naming it “Covid 19”: “When the pandemic will just be a bad memory – he says explaining this choice – there will certainly be a restart. The name seemed like an amulet to me and it just came to me straight away. I am sure it will bring good”.
Always a footwear manufacturer, in the ’80s Pasquale Pisano founded Gi.Pi which in a short time also produced footwear for the Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, providing jobs to hundreds of workers. Today he restarts with “Covid19”, initially aiming to produce between 200 and 300 pairs of men’s shoes a day and with the goal of soon obtaining the necessary certifications not only to guarantee the quality of the footwear, but also the sustainable management of the workplace. “At the beginning we will produce only civilian footwear – he declares – but within a few years my intention is to return to supply the police and military too”.
Pasquale Pisano’s son Giacomo will share with him his new entreprenaurial adeventure and will take care of the marketing together with a network of representatives in Italy, but looking already towards exports.