Innovation and attention to the environment are the keywords of the new ‘Terra’ project by DIS: the first biodegradable sneaker that can be purchased in NFT. By connecting to the website it is possible to pre-order the physical version of the sneaker and receive a unique, numbered and limited edition of the NFT collectable. In terms of sustainability, “Terra” is made with a short supply chain, thanks to the collaboration of companies and suppliers of semi-finished products located within a radius of just 10 km between the provinces of Macerata and Fermo, and is made of certified metal-free calfskin, with a sole in natural Hevea tree milk and an insole in corn fibre. All the shoe’s internal components are certified biodegradable, and gluing is carried out using water. All this allows the shoe to be 80% biodegradable after 180 days when disposed of under ideal biological and environmental conditions. Only shoes that are actually ordered will be produced, avoiding waste and overproduction and reducing CO2 emissions by 30%. DIS has also chosen to present its sneaker collection exclusively in 3D, saving on the costs of making physical samples. The customer will have an immersive shopping experience, thanks to the 3D viewer integrated on the webpage, which allows appreciating all the details of the shoe, zooming in on the shoes or rotating them at 480 degrees, while AR (Augmented Reality) allows visualising the shoe in the surrounding environment.