The quality at competitive price of the German brand, part of Wortmann group, arrives in Italy with a beautiful shop on the main street of the regional capitol

The new Tamaris brand store, first in Italy, opens at 56, Via Indipendenza. An elegant concept that shows to great effect models of the new collections from the German company: shoes made of leather that are on sale to the public at totally competitive prices. A new goal in the retail project of Tamaris, initiated in 2005, the strength of which lies in partnership with shop owners. Uniting knowledge of the sales location with the experience and organization in creation and manufacture of such a large group as Wortmann, has brought excellent results: there are now 797 Tamaris sales venues in Europe (234 brand stores). Some 40% of these are outside Germany and the figure is destined to grow in the next years seeing the brand’s plans for international expansion.

In fact, the Wortmann Group shows no intentions of halting. Today its collections are sold in 70 countries and over 15,000 shoe shops. Furthermore in 2013, for the first time the group is estimated to arrive at a sales revenue of 1,010 billion euro (this was 999,3 in 2012). A figure in which continual export growth plays a decisive role, now at 54%, aided by the boost of the distribution network project.

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