Among the leading producers and exporters of safety footwear worldwide, the Indian company Superhouse Group presents Forester, a line of occupational footwear specifically designed for workers who are at high risk of being cut because of the areas they work in or the tools they use like chainsaws. Sturdy and safe, Forester boots have a steel toe-cap and anti-cut inserta971s that cover the front part of the foot for the very best protection. At the same time, the inner padding of the boots, matched with a breathable material, guarantees on-the-job comfort in every sense of the word. The boots are also KWF certified: the only boots to have obtained this certification in India. Moreover, they are produced in compliance with EN 20345:2011 class 2 safety standards.
The Forester upper is made from full-grain, waterproof, high quality leather, while the lining is made of breathable black fabric with rapid drying properties and a padded collar. The insoles are removable and the padding and rubber sole are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. With its long-time experience in the world of safety footwear, today Superhouse Group is considered a leader not only in India, but also worldwide. First founded in 1984, today the company employs 8000 workers with a sales revenue of over 200 million dollars. It is located in the region of Kanpur and sources its leathers from its own directly owned tanneries, thus allowing it maximum quality control over the raw materials used. Its two modern production facilities implement innovative technologies, including Desma direct injection machines, while processing around 1.2 million pairs of safety footwear with outsoles in PU/PU, PU/TPU, PU/Rubber, Vulcanized Rubber and cemented constructions.