cromier_golive_visore_1_desktopLegitimised Chunky sneakers that cross the boundaries of the sportswear world to dominate a daily fashion, a cornerstone of outdoor culture.

The “sole sculpted in marble” is the figurative element of the collection: three-dimensional, brilliant and layered by definition, marble gives the shoe a bond with art, which is intrinsic in Italian beauty and tradition.

Vivid shades are applied to spaced mesh fabrics, neoprene, translucent frame layers and to suede leather of the uppers: marble and colour, a shining metamorphic composure and an indescribable softness of colours.

The antithesis of contrasts, Cromier is the result of skilfully balanced contamination.

The hypergeometric structures of Niji, Aka and Shiro describe proposals for him and her alternating saturated primary shades with bright and shiny colours: contrast of a steady and ancient imagery.