Nominated by the “vast majority” of the council, he will officially be inducted into office by the Assocalzaturifici General Assembly on 26 June in the association’s headquarters, during the Confindustria Moda General Conference.

Siro Badon takes over from Annarita Pilotti, who chose the Congress as the place to speak of her four years of office that were full of challenges and difficulties that almost led to her resignation, followed by her re-emergence and successes. “In the end, I managed to win over the trust of many individuals”.

Together with his brother Roberto, Siro Badon heads the Calzaturificio De Robert di Saonara, in Riviera del Brenta, which is the district that attracts luxury brands from around the world. Alongside his entrepreneurial activities, he has always been an active figure in the industry, presiding over ACRIB, the association of Riviera del Brenta footwear manufacturers, and the Confindustria Venezia Rovigo Footwear Section. He was also the Assocalzaturifici Vice President in charge of education and professional training.