Spain is in fact the most widely represented country at the event, with companies present in all seven of the halls, thus offering a wide range of styles and categories for men, women, and children.
As has been increasingly true in recent years, Spanish footwear has conquered itself an important place in the portfolio of footwear buyers, thanks to a strongly characteristic style, which is also in line with fashion trends, positioning itself not by chance at second place in the list of the leading producers and exporters in the European Union, while also ranking as one of the Top Countries for high quality footwear worldwide. Spanish footwear brands can be found in all of the very best shoe stores worldwide – from Milan to New York, and from London to Paris and Tokyo. In 2017, more than 158 million people around the world chose to wear Spanish shoes.
Spain – with its fashion, architecture, design, art, cuisine, and in general, its culture – is increasingly under the spotlights of the most influential international markets and Spanish companies are increasingly demonstrating their ability to compete with success in a complex and competitive context, by focusing on product strategies and winning forms of communication.