serafini-schermata-2019-05-23-alle-15-55-17Today, the mission of the Serafini Group is that of providing sustainability-oriented solutions capable of improving the quality of the finished product, while offering fast and personalised answers, suited to the productive needs of the footwear and leather goods industries. Two new products presented at the last edition of Lineapelle provide a concrete answer to this demand.

The first is Wax Coat, an exclusive finishing process suited to various supports, which revolutionises above all the functionality of the microfiber. Wax Coat treatment reduces the power of absorption of microfiber during the bonding phase, while preserving the soft hand and rounded feel. Acting as a barrier, Wax Coat allows for a greater savings in adhesive, and guarantees an excellent bond even with the adhesive applied to only one side. Moreover, it makes the process of fleshing the hides easier, since it helps to maintain the dimensions of the shape, thus avoiding the stretching out or shrinking that is so common to the processes used with this kind of support.

The other new product is Agavina, a non-woven fabric created from the fibres of organic agave, a medicinal plant used also in the preparation of tequila. For its production, plant residuals are used: the reuse and re-introduction in the productive cycle allows the Serafini Group to reconfirm its commitment to sustainability and a circular economy. The brand’s mission is to eventually substitute all of its polyester fibre production with fibre obtained from organic waste.