kinabalu-hero-1600x800-246291_original_1_lowAt the very beginning, the first product proposed by the brand was an innovative ski pole. This was then followed by goggles and motocross accessories, the invention of the aerodynamic handlebar for bikes, the first “Unishock” mountain bike suspension fork, the first Carbon mountain bike, and finally the full line of high performance running shoes for athletes… these are just a few examples of the constant research and development that has seen Scott strive every day for the last sixty-plus years to create innovative and high performance products for the sectors of cycling, motorcycles, running, and winter sports.

The American company with its headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland, has always been on track just like the athletes who serve as its ambassadors around the globe: among them are the trail runners recently used by the Italian 2018 Scott Running Team, headed by Team Capitan Oliviero Bosatelli, in the majestic Mount Kinabalu Climbathlon (4095 metres) in Malaysia, putting the latest running shoes of the same named collection to the test. The shoes have been designed in order to guarantee runners with maximum comfort in all the environments of this unique habitat, passing from the warm and humid temperatures of the rainforest, to the cold and windy pathways leading to the top of the mountain, thanks to the use of three devices: the eRide stabilizing midsole, which creates a stable intermediary support that allows for a more dynamic performance when running; the Aerofoam+ lightweight elastic compound with shock-absorbing effect that improves the performance of the Aerofoam arch support, already in use in Scott running shoes, which guarantees endurance and a superior level of cushioning; and the Forward Traction sole with multi-layered lug design that provides optimum traction.


Having successfully passed the test, Scott and the Italian Running Team will face a year of new challenges together: from the 5 Legends circuit tournaments to the Triathlon project, ending with the various Skyrace and Ultra Trial competitions, keeping them busy until September 2018. This is how Scott shares the same passion for sports as its athletes, using this passion as a driving force in its research that is geared towards innovative and specific solutions, which efficiently reply to the needs of sports requiring a high performance level.


Communicating this passion for sports and its protagonists, Scott has also launched its monthly Scott News project on the internet, a multimedia container with a fresh style that alternates interviews with athletes, presentations of the activities undertaken by the brand’s ambassadors and the Scott team, race reports, and new products. This digital media news source joins the brand’s e-commerce platform, which was just launched in March 2018, on the website, where it is possible to find the latest products divided according to the four sports divisions. The project of the e-commerce website is aimed at achieving a new kind of integration with the offering of the brand’s dealers, where the advantages of online shopping merge with the advantages of the Scott specialised sales channel. Once the product has been chosen, the site asks you to find a dealer and then choose if you prefer to have the product shipped out to you or if you prefer to opt for an in-store pickup.