Designer and entrepreneur Angelo Dente is the mind behind the Santainés project, which is launched with two elegant sneaker models that match craft workmanship in keeping with the great Made in Italy tradition, with the art expressed in the different decorative versions. For its launching, Angelo Dente chose the channel of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform already adopted by other young brands, like for example ACBC: “Kickstarter gives me exactly what I need, the possibility of having an audience that wants to have information on who I am, on my brand, and that wants to be involved in the project. I can tell my story, my vision, and all the difficulties and unexpected obstacles and let others experience these emotions with me”.
Today, Santainés sneakers are made with exquisite leathers and characterised by a unique and special design: from where does Angelo’s inspiration arrive? “We select fragments of pop art, action painting, nouveau realism and many other seemingly distant elements, letting them find a unique blend that I can then shape into my own style by changing shapes, colours, and giving life to a completely new visual language. Every chromatic combination of my sneakers is painstakingly studied and coordinated with care. The idea is that of creating beauty by searching for contrasts and discords in it. Creating an emotional short circuit through the contrast between the cutting-edge decisiveness of the shapes and the colours of the decoration and the fine sophistication of exotic leathers, their exclusivity, undeniable appeal, and the seduction they express”.