Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key issue in the development and strategies of companies, even in the footwear sector. As a result, the Milan International Footwear Exhibition, with the March 22 edition, decided to dedicate a special space and project to the theme of sustainability: the Micam Green Zone, in Hall 7. This space welcomed companies that have actively supported sustainable production, allowing all interested operators to discover all aspects of sustainability.


A pioneer in the development of sustainable actions along the entire production chain, Bibi launched its eco-friendly footwear line called Bibi Eco, made from sustainable and reusable raw materials such as PET bottles, sawdust and rick husks. Thanks to the projects developed, including the use of non-toxic materials and clean energy from renewable sources, Bibi is the only footwear manufacturer to have been awarded the Diamond Seal of Sustainability approved by the Brazilian Footwear Association.


The historic footwear factory presents a healthy and safe shoe designed to respect the health of the wearer. Eco-friendly in every part, it reduces the environmental impact throughout its use and life cycle, starting with the leather, which is processed without polluting tanning agents and with the use of recycled and recyclable components. Not forgetting the packaging, which is made of recycled and recyclable materials.


Always attentive to the needs of the environment, so much so that it has equipped its production site with a photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 440mila kWh of clean energy per year, Inblu presents its new eco-friendly all-felt slippers, made of 96% recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. Extremely quiet, these slippers feature rubberised serigraphy at the bottom to ensure the right grip.


ECOFUN is the brand of 100% sustainable shoes made in Spain from recycled, organic and vegan materials. The suppliers are Italian and Spanish companies with sustainability certifications, which guarantee the origin and complete traceability of the materials. The brand aims to combine fashion and sustainability, for eco-friendly, comfortable and modern shoes.


MLN HYBRID represents an environmentally conscious and respectful way of conceiving sneakers. The Vegan line is made from recycled vegetable fibres, assembled without the use of chemical solvents, and fabrics made from GRS-certified recycled PET yarns. The entire waste is reused, completely closing the production cycle of the vegetable, without releasing new waste into the environment. The sustainable footwear line is made from materials obtained from the regeneration of waste leather, according to a patented clean technology process. The innovative sole is made of environmentally-friendly thermoplastic rubber.


The Marche-based company has all its suppliers within a 10 km radius, for an environmentally friendly production made entirely in Italy. Only what is actually ordered by customers is produced, preventing stockpiling of products and overproduction. One of the company’s green innovations is “Terra,” the first biodegradable and NFT-certified sneaker, resulting from skilful research into materials and components aimed at ensuring a low environmental impact.


Patented in 1999, Change can be considered a pioneer in eco-friendly footwear: the sole remains the fixed element of the shoe, while the upper – a one-metre long elastic strip – is threaded through the slits of the sole itself. This allows constructing a shoe without the use of machinery, glue or stitches, and always with a different colour and style. Moreover, the absence of conventional industrial production processes significantly reduce CO2 emissions (-50%).


The Genuins organic clog is made of recycled PET felt obtained from plastic bottles collected from the oceans, and an anatomical footbed made of soft cork. The Wave TR rubber sole is made from recycled plastic shavings. The equivalent of 3 plastic bottles are used to produce one pair of clogs! The result is an eco-friendly, animal-free product, suitable for vegans and approved by PETA, all Made in Spain.

K&T Shoes

A pioneer in sustainable and eco-friendly luxury footwear since its launch in 2007, nat-2™* introduces the Hayfield sneaker, made by reusing grass and flowers that cover up to 50% of the shoe’s surface, depending on the model. 100% vegan, it features a soft padded and anti-bacterial insole made of real cork. The glue is free of animal ingredients, the sole is made of real rubber and the distinctive upper features reflective glass details that give it a high-tech look.


As one of the first footwear companies with I50:14001 environmental certification, London presents the "Re-made in Italy" project, which aims to produce footwear made entirely from recycled materials: from the sole to the leather, up to the metal materials. Specifically, the leather and lining are made of raw, untanned leather scraps, the fibres of which are reassembled using a continuous water cycle process that does not produce harmful waste.


The ‘Nature is Future’ sneakers are proof that it is possible to design a shoe that is eco-responsible, comfortable, flexible and lightweight. 100% handmade in Europe, with 90% recycled materials. Transparency and traceability of materials are at the heart of the company’s processes. The company has obtained DPD certification for CO2 offsetting.


A 100% Made in Spain brand that uses only natural raw materials, such as organic cotton or natural rubber, Natural World uses environmentally friendly vulcanised production processes. The Green Trade World Eco-label guarantees the absence of hazardous substances; 100% organic cotton; 100% recycled and recyclable packaging: a commitment to ethical trade. Its iconic Lavanda sneakers, inspired by tennis shoes, are ECO CIRCULAR.


‘Eunoia’ (from the Greek meaning “beautiful thinking”) is a natural collection with a low environmental impact, where the usual chemical materials are replaced by organic and eco-sustainable materials. The resulting product is made from 90% completely natural materials and the remaining 10% from recycled products. The biodegradability of the materials used means that no harmful traces are left in the environment, not even at the end of the product’s life. Ziggy is the star of this collection: a hippy-style sandal in vegetable-tanned calfskin and salmon leather, free of heavy metals.


Always committed to social and cultural projects, in the last two decades Piccadilly has also established itself as a benchmark in environmental management. In 2021, it was awarded the Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification, and its good sustainability practices have led it to obtain the Gold Level certification of the Sustainable Origin Program. An expression of this commitment is the So.Si ECOAR sneaker, created for environmental sustainability.


“Primigi for Change” is the concept behind the program that encompasses all the choices and industrial activities of the IMAC group, of which Primigi is an integral part. An example of the “For Change” line is the open sandal made from certified recycled or low environmental impact materials, which combines style, functionality and eco-sustainability. The chrome-free leather lining is soft to the touch, breathable and true to form. The cork-lined footbed is removable and the raised sole hugs the toe, offering excellent protection.


For 75 years, it has specialised in the production of original sandals made by hand and guaranteed by the prestigious "Avarca de Menorca" Seal, for local production that follows strict quality parameters in the manufacturing processes and materials used. The result is a Menorcan sandal made from 100% recycled materials, which is both eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, all RIA Menorca products are currently made using a carbon-neutral production process.


The company has been developing and designing sustainable products for over 120 years. An expression of this commitment is also the green slipper inspired by the beauty of nature, featuring a removable footbed washable at 30°, an anti-shock and non-slip sole made using certified eco-friendly processes, and an anatomical upper made of PET felt, completed by an insole made of PET wool and recycled material.


An eco-friendly and innovative footwear brand focused on circular fashion. The waterproof and vegan material developed and patented by the company is made with 77% natural resources such as bamboo, sugar cane and coconut fibres. The environmentally friendly and super comfortable Sunies products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.


HYBRO is the new bio-based and sustainable line made with technologies that reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emissions by at least one third compared to industry standards. Recycled cottons are used for the inner parts; fabrics for uppers that recreate the effects of leather by using fibres of vegetable origin such as apple cores and peels; laces made from recycled PET and Global Recycled Standard certified; waste from recycled and GRS-certified garments and fabrics; vegetable polyols deriving from sugar cane as a filler for the soles.


Since 2012, Usaflex has been developing actions aimed at the social, environmental and economic development of the company, its people and the community in which it operates. Its commitment to transparency and respect for the environment is demonstrated by its Sustainability Report and by recently obtaining the highest level certification in the Sustainable Origin program, with products designed with as few components as possible, a reduction in the production processes and, consequently, also in CO2 emissions and electricity consumption.