Shoes as a game:  starting today, they are thanks to Primigi Infinity Lights shoes that promise personalised fun and a bright experience.

Infinity Lights sneakers are fitted with a LED system that allows the sneakers to be lit up with graphics, writings and bright animation. How does it work? Just push the red button under the rear bootstrap of the shoe to turn the LED on and visualize the writing “Primigi” or other pre-set graphics on the display positioned on the upper. It’s possible to choose the direction it runs in and the way the images are viewed (from above or below). The most fun part however is the possibility of personalising the graphics, writings and animations through the “Primigi Lights” app, with easy-to-follow instructions. Thus, the shoe becomes unique!

It is just as easy to recharge the batteries of the LED through the USB cable that is provided with the sneaker.