primato_sabbia_31116_205The most advanced technologies at the heart of Primato act in tandem with one another, offering an excellence without compromise: footwear so ergonomic as to reduce muscular fatigue, 40% lighter than normal work shoes, with an energy return of 40% capable of guaranteeing correct posture, thanks to the shift of the centre of gravity towards the heel area.
The DTRS system, in fact, is made up by numerous technologies (DER, DAS, DXT, DTS) designed and developed in Dike’s laboratories to offer workers a unique experience capable of optimising performance, while working in a safe and comfortable way, allowing them to give the very best of themselves, without disturbing their workflow and keeping fatigue to a minimum.
Primato is the first work shoe in the world fitted with DER® (Dike Energy Rebound) technology: the revolutionary midsole made from polyurethane microcapsule, which functions like a spring system. When the shoe impacts the ground (the phase of compression), the kinetic energy is absorbed and then returned in the subsequent step phase with an energy return of40%, which is considered the perfect return threshold (if it were any higher, the rebound effect would be counter-productive for the muscles).  The DXT® (Dike Extra Light Toe) safety toecap is made entirely of carbon fibre, a material with an incredible strength-weight ratio. In preparation for future safety standards, the exclusive penetration-resistant sole in aramad fibre of DTS® (Dike Total Shield) weighs 50% less than the most widely used metal midplates, is ultra-resistant, and guarantees perforation protection against 3-mm long nails. Just as innovative and exclusive is the DAS® (Dike Active Support) removable insole made from microcapsule, which, in addition to working in tandem with the midsole, massages the foot while walking with an important anti-fatigue effect and optimal ergonomic support. Its special lining is machine washable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, thus ensuring the feet stay fresh and dry even after a long day of work.
Primato comes available in the colours of Chocolate, Sand, Antique Blue, and Sage, in a high or low version, with a nuvolato tumbled full-grain nappa upper or nuvolato idro suede calfskin upper with fabric inserts for greater breathability, Solidbreath® lining, compact semi-transparent PU sole, Special MIX PU midsole / expanded isocyanate, 100% carbon fibre toecap, HighSafe-Tex® anti-penetration sole in aramid fibre, 3mm thick (weight 40 grams), and a removable, massaging, anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-static, washable and recyclable arch support in OBC Infuse. Primato is the point in which evolution becomes revolution, offering a level of resilience without equal.