Prachi Leather is an Indian company that has been producing leather goods for private labels and with its own footwear brand (Mardi Gras Shoes) on the lining market since 1991. The company actually began its operations with the production of uppers for the U.S. market, which was joined in 1994 by a tannery and, from there, the start of shoe production and then leather goods. “Today, production can count on three factories in India, employing about 600 people, and is divided 50-50 between footwear and leather goods”-tells Sandeep Gupta, vice president.

What sets your product apart?

We produce quality leather goods made from genuine ‘Made in India’ leather and fabric, with handcrafted processes such as weaving. Patterning tends to be simple and follows the customer’s needs and requirements. The wholesale price range is from 5 to 50 euros.

What are your target markets?

The United States has historically been our target market, covering about 70 percent of our business. The remaining 30 percent of production, on the other hand, goes to northern Europe and South America, especially Chile.

What is the current market situation from your point of view?

After the advent of Covid, the footwear market in the United States has not been seriously affected. Recently, our business in the US has even doubled. The strongest negative consequences related to the pandemic we detected in the European and UK market, so much so that we still register 20% less business than in the pre-Covid period. That’s because there is still a lot of uncertainty in Europe, and the big retail chains are afraid of ending up with large unsold stocks in the warehouse and prefer to focus on small, short-term orders.

What are your customers looking for today?

As I said, they are asking for smaller quantities than in the past and greater speed of delivery, so as to take less risk in a general situation that still remains quite uncertain. Regarding design: it is mainly the result of a collaboration between our style department and client companies. We pander to their specific needs.

Why is it important for you to participate in Expo Riva Schuh?

In the past, we have been present as a footwear exhibitor at the Garda fair, but today we prefer to meet our customers directly onsite, in India, since they are mainly private label companies. We have, instead, preferred to bring our leather goods line to the fair, and thus exhibit at Gardabags for the first time. We are satisfied, we had good contacts with several buyers, mainly from Europe and the UK.