The German sportswear brand Puma combines its efforts with First Mile to give life to a collection of sustainable footwear and apparel, both in terms of environmental and social responsibility. The collection uses sustainable yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are collected by communities in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan and then brought to special centres. They are subsequently rerouted to recycling plants that transform them into yarns and then fabrics to produce the raw material that is used in the production of footwear and apparel.
In this way, there is a dual advantage: it allows disadvantaged communities in these areas to become economically independent, while at the same time giving life to products that remove plastic pollution from the waste chain.
Puma estimates that in 2020 the collection will contribute to eliminating 40 tons of plastic arriving from landfills and the oceans, which is the equivalent of around 1.9 million bottles of recycled plastic.
The Puma x First Mile collection includes the following lines of training shoes: Lqdcell Hydra and Ldqcell Optic (men’s and women’s), Erupt trail runner (men’s), and Lqcell Shatter Trail (women’s).