A doubled turnover in 2021: not many realities can make such a claim, but Palpa B.V. can! The Dutch company – specialised in the development, production, and wholesale of women’s leather footwear with its Palpa brand – in fact ended the year with enviable results, especially when considered in the global economic context of great difficulty that followed the outbreak of the pandemic. Its secret? Without a doubt its spot-on product, a women’s shoe for the consumer market in the age range between 25 and 55 years old, which capably interprets new market trends. Plus, it also offers on-time and fast deliveries, which during a moment of great instability and uncertainty in the market like the current one, can make all the difference. “Our ability to constantly monitor fashion trends allows us to promptly react to market demands, offering products in line with the tastes and preferences of the consumer, and this has awarded us. We are a ‘Pronto Moda’ company, which means short-term, fast, delivery times in line with continuously evolving fashion trends” – confirms Eric Verstijnen, International Sales Manager.

The collection presented this past January at Expo Riva Schuh, in Riva del Garda, confirmed the expectations of buyers, with a strong focus on boots characterised by large and colourful soles, but also boots of military inspiration, which joined some sneaker models of the Palpare by Palpa collection.

The market of reference of the brand is Europe, including in particular Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Ireland, as well as overseas markets such as the USA, Australia, Iceland, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand.

The headquarters and sales office of the company are both based in Drunen, The Netherlands, with production facilities in Portugal and Italy. Palpa B.V. also operates in the private label segment, offering packing and styling completely to the client’s preferences, along with the guarantee of fast delivery times.