It was 1979 when Lino Bozzato, the current President of the company, with previous experience as an entrepreneur specialized in packaging since 1961, founded the Orion Group shoe company together with M. Antonietta Meneghin, present-day CEO and co-owner of the company with her daughter Lisa.
Over the years, the company has grown, and today it claims a production of over 10,000 pairs of shoes per day, covering vast geographic areas around the world with its sales network that offers various kinds of footwear, from casual shoes for men, women, and children, to safety shoes.
At forty years from its foundation, Orion demonstrates the same vitality that characterized its beginnings, with constant investments made in Research and Development, as well as in the quality of its products.
This year in particular the company will inaugurate not only a new showroom of over 400 square metres that will showcase some of the prototypes coming from its yearly line-up of models, but also a brand new in-house laboratory for its main physical-mechanical tests.
The quality pathway that Orion Spa first started down many years ago, thanks to the advice and training provided by Eng. Daniele Grandesso, has led the company to acquire ISO 9001 certification, which today it continues to keep constantly updated. Most recently it also acquired RPN (Ricotest Proficiency Network) certification for its new laboratory.