Graziella Zucchelli, direttrice tecnica e incoming manager di ONTHEGO

Curate, manage and organise trips and events, harmonise purpose and beauty to create value experiences. Mix ideas, solutions, territory and relationships, to make them become moments to remember. ONTHEGO is all this, a new event factory headquartered in Riva del Garda, born from the experience gained over the years by Rivatour, the historic inhouse travel agency of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags.
A new reality, part of the Riva del Garda Fierecongressi Group which, thanks to the skills gained in the logistics and hospitality sector to support event organisers, exhibitors and visitors of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags, provides today an even richer offer related to innovation and customised solutions.
An all-female team where creativity and imagination meet rationality and organisation, for a 360° advice on events and trips ‘in’ and ‘towards’ Trentino and Lake Garda. The offered services include: hospitality management, organisational secretariat activities, the design of outdoor experiences and team building, up to the conception of special and tailor-made events. Graziella Zucchelli, technical director and incoming manager of this reality specialised in creating experiences to live and remember, tells us about it.

Building Memories is your motto. How did this project come about and with what features?
“Building Memories is not just our motto. To us it symbolises the emotion aroused by every experience we conceive and the creativity with which we implement it. We are driven by the desire to always find a new way to organise trips and events: we want the experience to remain in the memory of each visitor and traveler, not just as a pleasant memory, but as a lasting emotion. This can only be achieved through the evaluation of specific customer needs and offering a truly personalised service, rather than following already traced roads. This is why we aim to offer unconventional services, with a spirit of innovation and meticulous attention to detail at every planning and hospitality stage”.

What services do you offer to visitors and exhibitors at Expo Riva Schuh?
“The skills developed over the years in the context of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags allow us, today, to continue to ensure timely assistance to exhibitors and visitors to the event in terms of hospitality service and logistics. We guide and support the organisation of trips and transfers, hotel reservations and supplier selections. But not only: to give life to an even wider offer, we provide services that go ‘beyond the fair’, identifying special events venues in which to develop new business and networking opportunities, as in the case of event-dinners, part of the Food & Shoes Experience initiative proposed at each Expo Riva Schuh exhibition”.

How do these ‘Food & Shoes Experience’ dinners take place?
“This is an initiative intended for exhibiting companies. They are offered the opportunity to invite their customers to experience an exclusive and original moment of encounter. We provide the right ingredients to transform a business meeting into a convivial moment where you can build contacts and promote networking, to go beyond conventional communication and transform your customers into loyal partners. Food & Shoes Experience is divided into four different dinner-event formats, organised in suggestive and exceptional locations around Lake Garda, where you can present new fashion collections and new products to your customers, experimenting food and wine, cultural and artistic itineraries that are unique of their kind.
Our imagination harmonises with the precise and well-defined objectives indicated by the company, respecting and enhancing the company’s style, in order to create a new experience, waiting to be discovered, lived and remembered”.