A desire for the seaside and to sail away into the blue, while enjoying a breath-taking sunset from the bow of a ship: these are the sensations that North Sails would like to transmit with its SS2020 footwear collection.
The collection’s concepts of reference are the Sail as fabric, the Winch, as a fundamental tool of the regatta boat, the Ropes, without which it would be impossible to sail, the Horizon that goes hand-in-hand with the seaside, and the Recycling of plastic that by now has invaded our seas.
The collection features two lines, Winch and Horizon, which share some elements like tubular laces inspired by the ropes; the tongue with genuine used sail inserts taken from North Sails, while the design of the tread recalls the ocean floor and features the logo.
The Winch line is characterised by an eyestay, the element that reinforces the part of the upper where the eyelets of the laces are positioned. Inspired by sailing, it reproduces the stylised shape of the winch and features the printed logo. The line includes two running shoes RW-NS/01 and 02 and a tennis shoe model TW-NS/01.
The Horizon line is characterised by the positioning of the ribbon applied on the upper, which is inspired by the horizon line. Together with the logo, it recalls the reflections cast by the sun as it sets over the sea. There is only one model in this line: the RH-NS/01 with a lower eyestay that ends at the third eyelet.
The colours, like in a ship’s log, express the men’s part of the collection in royal blue with white and red, and the darker nave blue and grey lit up by orange and neon yellow. The women’s part instead shows a preference for the turquoise tone of crystal clear water, fuchsia, and beiges that together with pink evoke the tones of a summer’s sunrise.
In the collection there is also the running model RW-NS/01 ONE, which underlines the brand’s commitment to sustainability, with the upper in nylon made from 100% recycled plastic. With laces, tapes, and tongue inspired by sailing, the transparent tread features an all-over white and blue NS logo, with the shoe itself proposed in white, blue, and navy.