Three artisans have given life to a collection of bold and elegant shoes called NO STUDIO, closely connected to the world of jewelry.

After years of experience in the fashion business, three artisans from three different fields decided to bring together their visions and write their own story: to create shoes that they themselves would want to wear.

Mixing sensitivity and elegance in the choice of luxurious materials with a remarkable sense of style, the trio gained extensive experience in the design of shoes, jewelry and accessories, embarking on an adventure filled with passion and expertise, with the aim of presenting to the world a brand that inspires a deep sense of aesthetics, closely connected to the visual arts and music.

No Studio’s expertise in jewelry design has allowed it to create bold and sexy shoes, aimed at challenging fashion conventions by hybridising shapes, functions and styles, resulting in an architectural vision that considers shape, fit and proportion. A sensual elegance that kindles the dreams of sophisticated women and audacious men and that ignites transgressive passions with a touch of romanticism.