A Neapolitan company with forty years of activity behind it, Nardelli is synonymous with Made in Italy quality, from the materials to the product and manufacturing. With four direct stores in Naples, Nardelli distributes its bags through its very own e-commerce site and through a network of stores located in Italy and abroad in the main European markets as well as in the United States. We met up with Vincenzo Nardelli, partner of the company, and we asked him how the company faced the months of Covid lockdown and the reopening. Here is what he replied:


“We are focusing a lot more on online sales than retail sales, not only through our e-commerce site, but also through agreements with the main online platforms like Alibaba and Amazon. This strategy allowed us to work well even while we were closed, with a +30-40% increase in sales revenue registered. Even now, e-commerce continues to be a priority for our brand, but always with a careful calculation of the prices, so that we do not enter into conflict with our customers on the physical market”.


How are the products of Nardelli characterised?

“Our main proposal is aimed at adult women, with a preference for a classic and conservative style, offering them an assortment of products that ranges from shopping ideally suited to workwear to clutches. Next to this, there is the second line with a more aggressive style, created for a young and trendier public. All our bags are made from exclusively Italian raw materials of the highest quality.

Over the last few years, we have also started producing footwear: the new collection is focused on pumps, cowboy boots for a Texan style we believe will be a big hit, and combat boots, a must-have style in every woman’s wardrobe. A collection dedicated to fashionable and young women”.


What are your strategies for the future?

“Our aim is to continue to grow through the online channel and, we would soon like to allow our digital customers the possibility of customising their very own bags by inserting for example their initials, and choosing the colours, materials, and details: we would like to become a tailor of bags.

As far as distribution in stores is concerned, we are currently trying to make agreements with chains of stores present on our territory, which will open up the doors for us to all of Italy’s regions”.


Nardelli products are an expression of the most genuine Made in Italy. How can it be protected?

“Covid really knocked us all down, and now we need a hand in getting back up: the strongest possible Made in Italy protection, for companies like ours that invest quite a bit of effort in completely Italian production and workers, is needed right now more than ever before. Likewise important would be more attentive controls in unmasking those who falsely lay claim to the Made in Italy label. Institutions should be by our side in this battle, by maybe creating a specific certification that must be authenticated by the State”.


What meaning do trade fairs have for Nardelli?

“We have always participated in the main sector events including MICAM, MIPEL, and Gardabags, and we will continue to do so, because they represent a strategic moment in presenting the collections and meeting up with the market. As far as our participation in the events scheduled in March is concerned, despite the safety measures being put into effect by the organisers, we do not feel at ease and will not be present. However, in December, for Gardabags, if the situation is completely back to normal, we will definitely participate”.