From a young designer to a novice, to a footwear artist of international fame: the journey has been a quick one for Minna Parikka. The turning point in her career arrived with the debut of her elegant and playful line of Bunny sneakers, with their characteristic bunny ears, which soon became icons of style. Launched in conjunction with the boom in sneakers, from one day to the next, they become the preferred shoes of fashion bloggers and influencers from all over the world, who, with their hype, contributed to establishing their success worldwide. Very soon, over 100 department stores and retailers were seeking them out for their very own shelves.
The rest is history: the bold design of Minna Parikka ended up on the feet of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, the Jenners and the Kardashians, just to name a few of the stars that fell in love with the Bunny sneaker.
Now, the new challenge for Minna Parikka is to create a range of Vegan footwear: attributing value to the quality of productive processes has always been a question of pride for the designer who today is one of the first to use Seaqual™, a material made from used plastic recovered from the sea and from estuaries.
“Footwear must have a meaning and a respectable history backing it – declared Minna Parikka – The materials of my new Vegan shoes are not chosen only for the shoes themselves, but to change the world we live in”.
Next to this new phase of her creative project, Minna Parikka is investing in her very own online shop that has great potential for growth and in the flagship store of Helsinki in Aleksanterinkatu. Investments that are harbingers of new ideas, allowing for the development of new product lines, while potentially opening up the way for an exciting series of services connected to the brand.