MICAM “X” will be positioned in Hall 1, helping to recount the dramatic transformation the sector is going through, in both productive processes and in the philosophy surrounding footwear, including the way it is perceived by the final consumer. The intent is to offer a key to the many unknowns (the “X”) in this season of disruptive changes.
The three key themes that MICAM “X” will tackle are materials, sustainability and retail, which will be the objects of presentations, workshops, special installations and other initiatives dedicated to innovation. In particular, under the spotlight will be changes in consumer/buying trends, the new business models dictated by requirements of sustainability, and how technologies are transforming distribution channels. Themes that will be discussed with the contribution of technologies, prototypes, solutions and inspirations for supporting market strategies towards the consumer of the future.
MICAM “X” will accordingly propose a bona fide full immersion, a format with a strong personality that is looking to grow from one edition to the next, making a significant contribution to the development of the footwear sector. After the Zero edition in February, MICAM “X” will officially debut with its first edition in September 2020.