Which manufacturing country seems most advanced to you in terms of punctuality, services and type of offer?

China is undoubtedly one of the leading leather goods supplier countries: there are, in fact, numerous wholesale leather goods manufacturers and suppliers in locations such as Guangzhou and Yiwu, and the wide range of Chinese wholesale bag suppliers distributing quality and affordable products is incredible. Chinese factories are designed to produce on a large scale, have large order quantities, and suppliers pressure buyers to increase the total volume of their orders. Turkey is one of the most important countries for wholesale handbags and is also the second most important country among large-scale producing countries. Vietnam is also an attractive manufacturing destination for handbags, luggage, small leather goods, and backpacks: the country has a large skilled workforce, low costs, and easy access to capital. Thanks to increased demand, exports of handbags, and leather goods from Vietnam are growing exponentially, so much so that the country is emerging as an ideal destination for high-quality backpack production.

What does the next sales season look like?

Last year, stores had a significant positive impact thanks to digital sales; now the fears of the pandemic have been put aside and customers are coming out again, so much so that new store openings are planned. This year, with stores fully operational again, we will undoubtedly see more consumers buying in physical locations. I think, in general, retailers with physical and digital stores will have a better chance of growing faster than e-commerce brands or digital natives. We expect to increase our offline sales by more than 25 percent.

What are the new trends you are most looking at?

For the coming season, we are focusing on bright and bold colors in all product categories. Vibrant shades will be everywhere in 2023. As for our collection more specifically, this one features bags that are quite structured and quilted and with metallic colors. Consumers will also be increasingly willing to increase their spending on sustainable shipping options.

Do you have plans to increase or decrease your shopping budgets for next season?

In the past two years we have opened new stores. We have opened 10 stores in Dubai, in addition to almost 80 other stores. The fact, then, that the physical stores are fully operational again has convinced us to increase our shopping budgets. Also, since supplies from China were compromised, we went in search of new countries and suppliers.

What trade shows do you take part in to refine your purchasing?

MICAM was interesting, as was Expo Riva Schuh.

Why is it important for you to visit Expo Riva Schuh?

We are looking for new suppliers and, above all, new supplier countries. We believe that the distinctly international character of Expo Riva Schuh can satisfy both needs.