Which manufacturer country seems to you to be the most advanced in terms of punctuality, services and the offer it provides?

In my opinion,given our nature of business, China has been a forerunner for procurement of footwear and handbags. While the quality is more of fast fashion, the design aesthetics, turn around time and price points are definitely most lucrative to the Indian Buyer.

How is the next sales season shaping up?

Although there is a general sense of recession in the global market, we believe it will be short-lived and will not have a major impact on India. We are extremely positive about the year 2023 in terms of numbers and performance.

What are the new trends you are going to look for?

Global designs & trends of the future: these are primarily what we would be looking for.

Are you planning to increase or decrease your purchasing budgets for the coming season?

For us at Inc.5 Shoes, 2023 will be the year of recovery post Covid, the one in which we will aim to expand our physical presence and for this we are increasing our dedicated budget.

Which trade fairs do you attend to perfect your purchases?

In addition to Expo Riva Schuh, we participate in the Canton fair in China, the Shoemod fair in Turkey and the Brazilian shoe fair in São Paulo.

Why is it important for you to visit Expo Riva Schuh?

Expo Riva Schuh is a very international trade fair, in which operators from various countries around the world participate, with a wide range of product types, designs and prices, and is therefore a good platform for us to make informed purchases.