Known around the world for the extremely high quality of its shoes, sophisticated and understated style, meticulous care to detail, and attentiveness to production processes, calzaturificio Maritan with the FW 2017-18 season of Maritan G and Marco Ferretti makes a break with the past, by presenting a “rock” collection.
marcoferretti-donna_172087For women, the Maritan proposal offers a trendy and decidedly breakthrough style with leathers, patent leather, studs and metal studs, while men’s features a rock spirit that merges with a basic style, in order to create the most chic and well-balanced look possible with vintage highlights.
For her, cult pieces like combat boots with grip-fast soles are full of personality, thanks to maxi buckles and soft lines, while tapered toes create the silhouette of ankle boots and mannish lace-ups, abandoning the “army” mood typical of the Eightiesmarcoferretti-donna_172084.  There are then micro-studs that are carefully positioned on the sides of the footwear, metal details and gold, silver, and bronze lamé leathers… materials that are matched with patent leather and suede to revive the traditional Beatle boot.
marcoferretti-uomo_160828paioFor him, instead, everything is tinted with black, the rock colour par excellence, for footwear that ranges from informal to the most elegant look… The focus of the proposal is on versatility:  lace-ups, derby shoes, loafers, and moccasins, all with rubber outsoles, are basic in their design, occasionally featuring visible stitching, double buckles, and monk straps.  Velvet is one of the great protagonists of the winter season in the darkest tones and covers sneakers and casual sporty slip-ons.

Fruit of a long-time artisanal footwear manufacturing tradition, the quality of Maritan footwear is Satra certified.

Founded in 1995 by Giancarlo Maritan, today, calzaturificio Maritan is directed by his son Gabriele and daughter Katia.  Over time, the historical headquarters situated in Villafranca di Verona have been joined by two additional production facilities in Romania and Moldavia, which, all-in-all, produce 3,500 pairs of footwear a day, employing 400 workers.  70% of the company’s production is destined for international markets, while 30% goes to the domestic market.  In 2015, the company achieved a turnover of 24 million euros, while also confirming a growth trend of +4% over the course of 2016.