The book that De Carli offers us is not just the life’s story of a man with a large family or that of an entrepreneur who created a brand of international calibre, and it is not even the portrayal of a devout man, who always found the Word of God to be a source of inspiration and wisdom. He is all of these things together, with all parts equal, and in proportion to one another. Page after page, emerges the figure of a man who lived by tradition, becoming a tradition himself, that is to say something that must be preserved because it is always relevant and useful for the future. Although the aspects of innovation that first made the founders stand out are no longer such a novelty anymore, what continues to remain relevant is the spirit Mario Bricola transmitted to his business and then handed down to his children and grandchildren, who today head an international company with a name that has become a global brand. Bric’s, in fact, is not only a company from Como, but a brand known from Dubai to New York, representing an expression of excellence in luxury and designer luggage and men’s accessories. 

The book, besides telling a story and recalling past memories, becomes in some parts even a choir, thanks to the accounts of all those who knew him, but above all thanks to the contribution of his wife Lidia and his children who reveal some behind the scenes looks at his life. Thus, what emerges is the strength of a man who, ever since he first began his entrepreneurial adventure, instead of focusing on profit or wealth, has always placed his family, the job, and respect for his workers in a place of primary importance, with his sights however always set on the future.