The Italian shoe arrives in Turkey. The country, which is an important manufacturer (sixth for quantity and sixth for global exports), in a market range however that is decidedly different from the one of Italian operators, nevertheless represents a market with great potential for the production of Italian footwear manufacturers. This is why Assocalzaturifici has promoted the participation of a collective of fourteen Made in Italy companies at Aymod, the international shoe fair in Istanbul, which thanks to open door policy of Turkey towards international visitors even in the midst of the pandemic, could serve as an effective bridge for business with strategic markets that include Russia, the Caucasus region, and Central Asia.

During the first 11 months of 2020, according to the analysis of the Confindustria Moda Research Centre, Italy exported 760,242 pairs of shoes to Turkey (down -9.1% compared to the same period in 2019, a downtrend that was less severe than those of other markets during such a difficult year), for a value equal to 42.08 million euros (-14.3%) at an average price of 55.35 euros (-5.7%).

“Despite the difficult economic situation it is currently going through, Turkey is a market that should be considered for mid to high quality productions of our footwear, since it can be reached even in times of pandemic emergency in relative safety. – declares Siro Badon, President of Assocalzaturifici – AYMOD continues to be a regional hub with significant influence on trade, and with a special focus reserved for the Middle East. It is a young and dynamic country that has the desire to maintain an important role in the fashion-footwear supply chain, and Assocalzaturifici, strong from its role as the representative of the most important European footwear manufacturing industry, believes it’s important to maintain a constructive and far-sighted relationship with it in the years to come. It is our duty to try and help our companies reach and find new customers. In this moment, more than ever before, we must support Made in Italy, the driver key to achieving a post-pandemic recovery”.