For some time now, the world of sportswear has become part of the elegant wardrobe, making concepts such as ‘comfort’ and ‘practicality’ indispensable even for top-of-the-range garments and accessories. At the same time, sportswear has increasingly embraced a sophistication in materials, details and design that until recently was the absolute prerogative of fashion labels. In this continuous intermingling and mutual influence, there are also numerous collaborations between luxury brands and global sports brands.

Among the most recent and most significant is the one between Gucci and Adidas for the new trainer that dresses the iconic Adidas models with the Gucci monogram, all immersed in captivating pastel colours. The promotional campaign, directed and photographed by Max Siedentopf, mixes retro inspirations and contemporary energy, conveying the playful and vital mood of the fashion editorials of the 90s thanks to the poses of the models shot in fun and athletic attitudes.

Gucci is also starring in another collaboration with the world of sport and an original launch campaign, with a gaming experience linking the two popular digital outposts: Roblox Gucci Town x Vans World. The collaboration between Vans and Gucci began with Vans’ participation in Gucci Continuum – Vault’s special project inviting designers, brands and artists to reinterpret Gucci’s archival pieces and textiles – and for the inaugural collection saw Vans offer the iconic Old Skool and Slip-On decorated with eccentric patchwork, studs and vintage colours.  Now, with the new project on Roblox, the respective virtual realities are used to reinforce the bond between the two brands and expand the Gucci Continuum narrative. In the game, community members compete in a treasure hunt to collect fabric and print samples, moving between the two worlds through shoebox-shaped portals and overcoming a series of obstacles. Once all samples have been collected, players can redeem special items in their respective worlds – such as trainers, accessories, skateboard backpacks – as prizes and have them worn by Roblox avatars.

Staying on the subject of promotional campaigns with a strong visual and emotional impact, we find the one by Louis Vuitton for its Archlight 2.0 chunky trainer, inspired by the legendary 80s music video by Jamiroquai, directed by Jonathan Glazer. The set is, in fact, characterised by a floor and movable walls that force the characters to be constantly in motion, bringing attention to their feet and the Archlight, creating a dynamic and propulsive energy.

Also very original is the launch campaign for the Nike x Comme des Garçons trainer featuring the classic high top basketball silhouette: the campaign exploits the potential offered by CGI and digital animation to create a series of short videos starring a family of elephants on their way to a watering hole. The peculiarity is that the shoe and the elephants have the same size scale, which allows them to play with the shoe in a curious cartoon-realistic effect.

Peculiar is the campaign of the first capsule signed by the Korean designer Sandy Ling with Salomon for a functional trainer model designed for outdoor life, also able to harmonise with a very feminine and delicate style. It is precisely this dual soul of the trainer that is at the centre of the advertising campaign that portrays model Chloe Franzen in moments of outdoor adventure and introspection, dressed in light, fluid and transparent clothing that only on the surface may seem at odds with the practicality of Salomon sneakers.

Speaking instead not of a collaboration, but of a brand entering the trainer universe for the first time, we find Lucas Ossendrijver’s Theory Project capsule, which continues his journey of exploring the dynamic energy of New York. The new custom trainer focuses on the tension between functional and noble materials, and between masculine and feminine, with shades ranging from lilac to cognac, and sinuous lines punctuated by reflective materials.

Ferragamo is also launching a new unisex trainer made with an innovative mix of textures and dynamic details, proposed in a complete palette of neutral and bright colours. Here too, the brand’s heritage blends perfectly with active and urban shapes and concepts, with the iconic Gancini motif proposed on a sequence of three tubular elements that form the structure of the sole. The sporty aesthetic plays with soft and resistant materials such as stretch mesh, nubuck and leather, while the contrast between solids and voids in the sole increases cushioning and comfort. Graphic laces, the Ferragamo logo and hand-stitched stitching complete the bold, impactful design that brings tradition into the active style of the present.

Last but not least, the Miu Miu x New Balance co-lab is also renewed with the launch of three new versions of New Balance’s iconic 574 trainer, featuring a retro Eighties silhouette and an original fringed denim fabric available in white, blue and cognac, with a focus on fashion and functionality, innovation and tradition.

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