Between nostalgia and innovation: the new Vintage line of the Lumberjack brand reedits the legendary Jimmy, the running sneaker with a classic shape and dynamic tapered volume, which is re-proposed here in an urban version with a sports coté.

What are the features of the model? High performance materials, suede leathers matched with highly resistant nylon and breathable mesh, which all guarantee comfort and safety. The flat cotton laces are decorated in chromatic accordance with the various coloured versions of the shoe in the tones of white, grey, and marine blue.

Guaranteeing a smooth and dynamic gait, Jimmy shoes are fitted with a fabric insole with Shock Absorber system on the heel, technology that ensures stability for the foot and long-lasting comfort while walking. For support, Jimmy mounts a pre-milled EVA sole and rubber toe-cap, while the outsole features the characteristic Lumberjack carrarmato design always in rubber.