The awards ceremony, held in the Council Chamber of the City Hall this past 10 May, was also the occasion for telling the life story of a successful man: from a family-run artisanal workshop, where antique know-how was combined with a taste for innovation, all the way to the establishment of an industrial process and the conquering of global markets, by intercepting important opportunities for the creation and distribution in licensing of footwear designed by leading stylists. A pioneer, who in the years to follow opened the way up for the development of a large part of Made in Italy fashion. This is how Rossi Moda, a company where today Luigino Rossi is honorary president, arrived at signing a co-ownership agreement for a share in the leading French luxury group, LMVH, at the beginning of the century.

Besides managing the factory, Luigino Rossi with his cultural and social commitments, was also responsible for purchasing the Gazzettino and eventually relaunching it, while taking on a number of roles where he defended the roots and culture of North Eastern Italy: from supporting the renovation of historical villas in Riviera del Brenta, to the management of events like Campiello and institutions like Fenice and the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice.