A return that is not willing to break its ties with the past of Luciano Padovan, recalling the Italian spirit and artisanal hands that are part of its DNA, while rediscovering the historic archive and recovering heels and shapes from it, which are then revamped for the creation of new proposals. The collection can be divided into two important worlds inspired by NYC, Manhattan and Madison. We have ‘Manhattan’ that includes proposals with 7cm or 9cm heels, all embellished by the LP logo in galvanized gold on the sole. Manhattan continues with other proposals of Soho Special: ankle boots and pumps, in the same tones of the other models, but different for their sculpted heel, which is a hallmark of the brand, in golden metal. ‘Madison’ instead stands out for its proposals with 9cm heels and for the monogram on the sole in silver metal. There are then 2 small families: Sexy Stud and Open Toe, both with a strappy black heel. Guest Star is the Manhattan Special Boots, which can be found both in a knee-height version and also a mid-calf-length version: available only in black and beige leather, it is enriched by fringes of removable leather.