Designed by Italians, developed by Koreans and made using the best materials of the Chinese tradition, such as silk and velvet … Kokolu is a super light women’s sneaker, with a minimalist but captivating design that stands out for its very particular style, able to match any look. A fantastic fashion resource that does not forget the technical construction quality and all those details capable of giving comfort and an excellent fit: like cutting-edge Ortholite insoles or TPR rubber soles. Kokolu sneakers are made to be sustainable and super comfortable. The brand is synonymous with freedom and women’s inclusion: “When we talk about inclusion, it is not just about women’s different body shapes, races and ages, or who are passionate about fashion and care about their profession. We think of inclusion in the literal sense, of the possibility for a woman to easily move from a professional context to a social event or to manage her daily life, without having to wear a high heel or being beautifully made up”, underlines the founder of the brand, Luanne.

The choice of materials is one of the peculiarities that characterise this sneaker: silk velvet. Difficult to produce, this fine material has always been a rich fabric for the wealthy. An increasingly rare material that, precisely for this reason, has been replicated in modern times with synthetic fibres that mimic silk. Rarely used in shoes, high quality velvet is usually very delicate and difficult to clean and maintain. Kokolu, in collaboration with a cutting-edge Korean laboratory, has developed a silk-based yarn that has all the shiny look of velvet, but also an extra resistance to washing and abrasion. Kokolu is a new generation sneaker born from the cross-continental combination of technologies, ideas and know-how.


Through comfort and simplicity Kokolu encourages all wome to reconciliate with their body by breaking all the walls and prejudices, regardless of age, size, profession, or skin color

Thanks to the minimal yet eye catching design, and the natural tendency to mix and match with every look.

The silk based yarn developed for Kokolu velvet has all the beautiful shine of velvet but extra resistance to washing and abrasion.

The Italian inspired designer Tommaso Bellazzi united a certain type of Italian classic minimalism with some of the greatest materials from Chinese tradition.

The Ortholite™ insole, provided with Kokolu, is a lightweight, extra soft, resilient, non-toxic, and odorless material.

Kokolu avoids as much as posibleplastic waste, non-reusable, and non-recyclable. The packaging is made of recycled biodegradable paper, it is plastic free, and the soles are made with TPR recyclable rubber.