Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags represents a meeting place and a marketplace of primary importance on the international panorama for the volume footwear and leather goods industry. A role that it has confirmed year after year, today, it seems more critical than ever before in the situation of uncertainty and instability surrounding the outbreak of the pandemic. The Riva event in fact represents not only a privileged point of access to the European market, but also in general to the global market, as confirmed by the meeting we had at the last edition of the fair with Naser Altheyabat, owner of Naser Ahmad Altheyabat Institution for Export & Import, the leading importer of shoes and leather goods in Jordan, as well as the owner of the Dahab brand.

Tell us about your participation in Expo Riva Schuh…

“It is the first time I’ve come to Riva del Garda and participated in Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, and this happened also thanks to the support of ITA – the Italian Trade Agency. Riva is a city that is genuinely beautiful and a pleasure to visit, and the fair is undoubtedly an extremely interesting event for my business and activity. At the fair, I had the chance to find different companies capable of replying to the needs and demands of the Jordan consumer, and since the fair was held in-person and in complete safety, I allowed myself to ‘touch with my hands’ the quality and comfort of the products proposed, which then convinced me to place several orders”.

What kind of product and style did you look for at Expo Riva Schuh and what is the most in-demand product by Jordan consumers?

“The Jordan consumer is very appreciative of Italian footwear, especially in leather, and leather goods for their design and quality. Especially popular are women’s bags and footwear, like sandals and boots, while men are interested above all in elegant models”.

Do you believe that Jordan can become an important end market for Italian products?

“Jordan claims great stability and security, and import taxes, even for footwear and leather goods, are very low, while the country is strategically positioned at the crossroads between Iraq, Siria and Saudi Arabia. Although it is a very small country, Jordan, over the years, has invested a lot in the construction of large shopping malls and their relative infrastructures. It’s a location where it’s possible to find fashion boutiques and stores and where the Made in Italy product is avidly sought out. For these reasons, I believe that Italian companies should set their sights on this important potential market for their proposals”.