Made entirely in Italy, from the first to the last production stage, the Jarrett shoes are characterised by the use of fine leather and the constant search for new styles

The Jarrett brand is owned by RG Shoes, a company present on the market since 1984 that has always combined craftsmanship, research and innovation.

The protagonist in the male line is a likeable mechanical hero, defined by cutwork and fluorescent details which invade tabs and backpacks, the perfect equipment to explore space. For boys who love sports, there is the slip-on in the version with geometric and coloured prints and the “Numbers” version where the lines give way to a numeric galactic series. The sneaker reflects a minimalist style that is very popular among older kids, with single-colour decorations in rubber and contrasting soles.

From the perfect mix of technical shoes, suitable for colder climates and sneakers, come more structured shoes with original shapes and a contemporary look. For the female line, the Wendy and Nina collections once again feature extremely bold sneakers with mouths and butterflies on the tabs revisited in new materials and colours.

The surprise for girls is the PU sneaker, which also comes in a patented version with cutwork on refined and natural-effect leather. Glittery mouths and coloured butterflies also invade backpacks and handbags to make every single occasion unique and fantastic. The British taste is reinterpreted with an urban look in line with the most glamorous fashions, which is joined by basic models from the all-black line, embellished with gold trim.