Footwear that replies to the needs of contemporary women, who are dynamic and constantly on the go, in a perfect blending of aesthetics and comfort. Gender-free volumes and silhouettes for sneakers with an active appeal, where fashion traces new connections between real and virtual. Classics contaminated with urban street and punk accents, between mellow and winter tones and bold digital colours. These are the advantages of an eclectic collection, featuring multi-form styling that ranges from casual models like bikers, combat boots, commuter boots, and hiking boots on soles with large, yet extralight, volumes to more feminine models like thigh-high boots, pumps, low boots, classic derby shoes with unusual fastenings, and preppy loafers with a retro mood. The materials are sophisticated, from soft calfskin, to teddy textures, nylon, micro and macro meshes, glitter, and strass.