The IFC, which is set up as a platform dedicated to sharing the latest trends and statistics of the footwear industry for leading Asian exporters, allows business opportunities to be explored, while promoting technical and regional cooperation in the supply of footwear.

The story of IFC can be traced back to the mid-Sixties. At that time, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan were all competitors in exports, but united by the same problems they had in management, research & development, and technological innovation. The associations of the four countries, Hong Kong Rubber & Footwear Manufacturers Association, Japan Rubber Footwear Manufacturers Association, Korean Footwear Industries Association, and Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association, accordingly felt the need to find common ground on which to compare and share their experiences, and so they decided to create a platform where they could find a solution to the sector’s most common problems. Thus, the first International Conference for Rubber Footwear Manufacturers was held in Taiwan in 1971, in what was a successful event that would then become an essential annual rendezvous. In 1982, the conference was renamed International Footwear Conference and, thanks to the numerous registrations, today it now includes 14 members in Asia.

The themes that will be presented at the 39th edition of IFC will range from the understanding of opportunities and the promotion of regional cooperation to the developments of the Greater Bay Area (the Pearl River delta) and the new Silk Road. As the host, Hong Kong will play a primary role of importance in the discussions, outlining developments and its role as the “capital of hospitality”.