IFEMA, an organisational body that among its events also organises Momad, is getting ready to kick off the trade fair season in September with the motto #KeepBeingUs, a symbol of rebirth and of its contribution to the post-Coronavirus economic recovery. The agenda will be packed with 60 events divided between fairs and conferences, including both those postponed because of the healthcare crisis and those already scheduled in September. The organisation will represent a genuine challenge, but IFEMA announced that the calendar will be specifically studied to ensure the potential impact is reduced to a minimum for the sectors of reference.
The focus will naturally be on safety, with protocols that call for the use of the most advanced technology for the simultaneous control of entrances to the fairs and conferences, temperature checks for visitors at the entrance to meetings, and control systems for social distancing. Another new addition will be the use of new technologies to replace or support business deals and B2B meetings.
In other words, the challenge laid down by the Coronavirus has pushed IFEMA to find new, creative ways of managing the risk, while at the same time creating business opportunities for its customers. 
“We are developing the new guidelines for events capable of satisfying future requirements of health, safety, and mobility – confirms Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO of IFEMA, underlining – the importance of IFEMA’s role in conveying added value to businesses and contributing to the economy’s relaunching. This work will contribute to the recovery of sectors, while reinvigorating the tourist industry and boosting the business of hotels, restaurants, stores, transportation, culture and entertainment”.