China represents 35% of the total revenue of the Italian footwear brand owned by the Carlyle fund, and decides to reward this market with a new store opening at the enormous K11 Musea museum-retail complex in Hong Kong. This opening joins the ranks of the brand’s three other stores already present in this city.
At the new store, it will be possible to purchase limited edition sneakers or personalize them by choosing the colour of the laces, and adding new charms, ribbons or other accessories.
Golden Goose has arrived at a turnover of 300 million, with Asia currently representing 36% of its total revenue: going more into detail, South Korea accounts for 65%, while China is responsible for 35%.
The decision to invest in retail in Hong Kong was made despite the recent fall in sales experienced by this market, underlining the brand’s confidence in the quality of its sneakers and their completely handmade appeal.