Gold, 30-karat diamonds and even fragments of a meteorite found in Argentina in 1959: the Moon Star shoe is already a work of art with just its materials. If it is then joined by the talented hand of Italian designer Antonio Vietri, known by everyone as the “golden shoemaker”, then the equation is perfect.
The value of Moon Star Shoe is estimated at around 19.9 million dollars: an amount that is unthinkable for mere mortals. More than anything else, it would be suited to a sheik: so, it’s no surprise that the stage of Dubai was chosen during Mide, the event dedicated to design held this past 11 October, for their debut.
This platform shoe that is open-toe with ankle strap has a sculpted golden heel that pays tribute to the highest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, in its shape. The upper is made from silver with golden elliptical decorations on the toes, heel collar and on the ankle strap. Completing the design is a frontal frieze with mounted diamonds. “Moon star shoes” are also aptly named, since at heel-height a stone pendant containing a genuine meteorite fragment has been applied.  
Moon Star Shoes, with their value close to 20 million dollars, beat the previous record of 17 million dollars held by a pair of shoes in gold and diamonds that were created by designer Debbie Wingham, and also present at Dubai, the birthplace of luxury and more than ever before of new records.