Product, colour, and selection: Giulia claims a warehouse with an always-available stock of 50 thousand pairs, with delivery – even of just one pair – within three days. This represents a dual advantage for clientele, offering them a vast selection of proposals, without, however the risk of having to put goods into stock in their warehouses.
Introduced in 2017 by the Belgian company Manexco, the concept of Giulia is quickly evolving: today, it has 1000 partners in Europe, with over 100 thousand pairs distributed over the course of 2019. In the future, it will propose new colour and new models that always offer the same kind of service.
Manexco supports retailers from one end by avoiding partnerships with pure web players like Zalando, while from the other end; it avoids excessive distribution, guaranteeing its partners a specific geographical area. The point is to establish long-term relations with its partners through investments and a logical development: already 200 Italian partners were part of the project last year, but there is still ample room for growth.
What does Manexco offer? A display stand that puts 30 different colours on show, from iconic red to nude and fashion tones, 50 pairs of shoes for demonstrating the available models and fit, and a service for orders. Supporting this retailer activity, Manexco makes a warehouse of 40 thousand pairs immediately available in order to reply to the needs of the market and a logistics system that supports this demand. With this service, the customer can go to the store, choose the size and colour from the display stand, pay in the store, and have the preferred model directly delivered to a destination of their choice.
With Giulia, it is possible to choose, but without the risk of putting goods in stock.  

Are you interested in learning more? Giulia will be at MICAM in Hall 2 stand F16.