The online panorama is increasingly complicated and competitive: since around 78% of the typical advertising budget is in fact destined for the world of Google and social networks, it is clear that there is an enormous concentration of companies in a very small space. Competition is quite fierce, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the eyes of the consumer. From this, arises the need to better understand consumers, so it is possible to stay ahead of their needs and produce contents that regard not only the product, but also the customer’s point of view and interpretation.

Starting from this assumption, Luisaviaroma, which has been active with its own e-commerce since 2000 and present in 40 different countries worldwide, has developed a project with its App MOD4 that is based on gaming and which is proving itself to be a key factor in the sales conversion rate. The decision to focus on this direction arrives from the understanding that there is a need to find an alternative pathway that allows Luisaviaroma to stand out online from competitors that are larger in scale with bigger budgets: “Engaging the customer with different approaches, like gaming, allows us to really stand out, because our game is specifically designed for lovers of fashion. – declares Nicola Antonelli, co-founder of Luisaviaroma – It is a virtual dressing room: we use it for two purposes. From one end, it allows the user to create a total look without having to physically go into a dressing room to try it on, which even without the Covid problem, is taxing both in terms of time and energy. From the other end, while playing, our users create their total look and through their avatars can participate in contests where the community votes and can give a thumbs up or thumbs down on the look proposed”. In this way, Luisaviaroma revolutionises the sales/review mechanism: “In the past, we would first go shopping and then present ourselves to our community for an opinion: do you like it, do you not like it, does this work well? – explains Nicola Antonelli – Now, through gaming, we have managed to pre-empt the phase of reviewing, and so the customer buys only after having received approval on his/her look. In the meantime, we engage shoppers with an exciting experience: they can be their own stylists, constructing their own mix&match on the App, and participating in contests for the best look”.

How can the Luisaviaroma proposal be translated into numbers? “We started worldwide in mid-November and have already arrived at 100 thousand downloads: – replies Nicola Antonelli – in this moment, almost exclusively in Italy, because we like an easy win… however we are already working towards a coverage that is more international, since Luisaviaroma is international. The results have been extremely encouraging: the sales conversion rate arriving from gaming is three times higher than the average mobile platform rate”.

Nicola Antonelli, co-founder di Luisaviaroma