Just like an electric bicycle allows long distances to be travelled while experiencing less fatigue, this energized footwear reinforces allows you to walk longer while enjoying important propulsion benefits, thanks to lateral supports with tibial cushioning that allow you to improve your posture, because walking with Grin Shoes provides greater stability to the vertebral column, while also providing important benefits to the nervous system, which is freed up to focus on other motor actions. At the same time, they provide a toning effect, because moving while wearing these shoes allows multiple muscular groups to be used simultaneously, increasing the balanced work of all the muscles, and this results in better toning as compared to the intense use of individual muscles. The third benefit is quick recovery through improved microcirculation and greater peripheral oxygenation, while also preventing lesions to the muscle myofibrils responsible for the onset of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which commonly appear in the days following physical activity. Finally, likewise important is the reduced fatigue, because Grin Shoes allows for a balanced distribution of the loads on the muscle chains, guaranteeing proper balance among the various muscles. Grin Shoes are sold only online on the brand’s site.