The Los Angeles-based company has always been committed to conscious and sustainable fashion. The cactus shoes are the result of the collaboration between Clae and DessertoⓇ, creators of highly sustainable vegan productions and winners of the Green Product Award in 2020. According to the sneaker manufacturer, this will be the first shoe in the world made from the perennial cactus Nopal (also known as prickly pear). The raw material is produced in Zacatecas – Mexico, from the mature leaves of the cactus harvested without damage to the plant. Grown only with natural minerals and rainwater at an altitude of 2,500 meters, the Nopal cactus is known for its low ecological footprint and is of course 100% organic. The leaves are harvested every six to eight weeks to give the plant ample time to regenerate and help preserve local biodiversity. After the leaves have been cut, they are dried a few days in the sun before undergoing the patented DessertoⓇ transform process which transforms the plants into a soft but resistant material suitable for sneakers. Named Bradley Cactus, the new line available in white, black and green is also equipped with nylon laces recycled from plastic waste, while the sole is made with 100% natural rubber, coming from Hevea trees sap. The shoes are then packaged with environmentally friendly materials such as recycled cardboard.