The Fratelli Alborino brand is known for its passion and perseverance, has a solid family business history in the footwear industry. The company's mission is clear: to create a high-quality shoe, made-in-Italy, that reflects Italian excellence around the world. Grandfather and father lay the foundations, while descendants bring innovation and new technologies to the manufacturing process, but without forgetting the ancient family tradition.

Thanks to Pasquale Alborino, the family, originally from Aversa in the province of Caserta, started the company in 1951. His work and dedication were continued by his son Mario, and so by his grandsons Giovanni and Pasquale, who have worked in the industry since 1975. A story that makes Fratelli Alborino a brand with a strong traditional identity, that is combined with a forward-looking vision ready to meet even current needs.

What characterizes your production?
"Fratelli Alborino is a brand that focuses on handcrafted footwear for men in a classic style, but also offers a collection of sports shoes that meets today's needs as well as the needs of the younger generations. Year after year, we've refined our offer to satisfy market and client demands. We work primarily with markets in the United States and Australia, but also with markets in Canada and France."

Is there already an idea about next winter's trends?
"Actually, a mixed trend emerges. On the one hand, there is a steady demand for classic Italian sartorial craftsmanship, particularly among high-end retailers. On the other hand, there is a persistent need for sports shoes with thick platforms that are also made of soft and flexible materials that allow the soles to be lightweight."

Fratelli Alborino mainly produces classic men's shoes. Is the conventional shoe market showing signs of recovery?
"Traditional footwear has always had its own niche, ensuring that it remains an always dynamic business, despite the slowdowns caused by the ongoing pandemic."

What is your opinion on the Expo Riva Schuh fair?
"Fratelli Alborino has always been present at the Riva del Garda fair, and we intend to keep it that way. For the age range we target, men between 45 and 60, at the exhibition, we always discover international buyers interested in our products and in our manufacturing capacities.  Made in Italy continues to have a high level of status and is in high demand."

Did you find efficient the service offered by the fair, which suggests to buyers the exhibitors who are most in line with their expectations?
"Absolutely, it's an interesting service. This fair is seen by large foreign groups as a good opportunity to obtain a wide variety of producers, however such a broad and extensive exposure may be a bit fragmented. The fair organizers' individualized recommendations for which exhibitors best suit the needs and research of customers make it easier for both sides to form beneficial and lucrative business contacts."

What are the most pressing issues you have right now?
“Aside from the evident and undeniable obstacles posed by the pandemic, we are more aware of the necessity to reorganize production dynamics in order to speed up all processes and serve customers more quickly. If we used to operate on a semi-annual timetable with high quantity orders, we now work on monthly schedules with smaller orders.
Other issues develop as a result of the limited availability of materials, which have grown in price and delivery times”.

What can we expect from Fratelli Alborino in the future? Do you have any specific projects in mind?
"It's difficult to build concrete projects in these times. Everything has been called into question in the last two years. Continuous and new proposals are required but presenting them is difficult due to the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic. We may say that Fratelli Alborino's evergreen project is to continue the effort we began many years ago while remaining true to our values: to provide a high-quality, Italian product that is open to innovation."