The Dutch designer JAN JANSEN has created “Orchid Shoe”, a limited edition that highlights the seductive allure of orchids.

Orchid Shoe by Jan JansenThe queen of the collection for next summer by the famous Dutch designer Jan Jansen is without a doubt “Orchid Shoe”, the design and materials of which are inspired by what is considered the most elegant and seductive flower nature offers.

«I have always been fascinated by orchids and when I found out that there is a type called “Venus’s Slipper”, I thought it would be great to create a shoe inspired by this plant» – says Jan Jansen, who confessed he had lived for months surrounded by as many orchids as possible, all different, so as to create a model that expresses their real essence. The result is certainly noteworthy: the limited edition of “Orchid Shoe by Jan Jansen”, really special creations, an explosion of flowers which reveal the most feminine and romantic side of fashion. Orchids as a source of inspiration to be found in all the aspects of footwear.

The delicacy of the flower has inspired, for example, the use of suede leather, straps that wrap the foot to recall the strength of the plant and its roots. All the colours available – fuchsia, red, rust, purple and brown – reflect the natural tones of the many species of orchids to be found. For this project the Dutch designer has worked in collaboration with the authors of Art of Life, a promotion campaign dedicated to potted orchids, promoted by about forty Dutch growers who have joined forces to offer advice and information on the versatility and the possibilities of using orchids.