The innovative drive of Fessura knows no end, with the Marches brand created in 2013 by the Vecchiola siblings presenting a new activewear project at the last edition of Pitti Uomo featuring REFLEXSYSTEM® technology. This patented system has been designed to offer a new experience of movement, thanks to a soft and dynamic sole made up by 4 pads that simultaneously absorb and release energy in different areas of the foot in accordance with the principles of reflexology. RUNFLEX® also makes use of innovative Made in Italy XL EXTRALIGHT® technology, which is fruit of Finproject Industrie research onto thermoplastic and cross-linked compound production: a superlight exclusive formula, soft, with high rebound and extraordinary flexibility. The result is a practical sneaker that combines design with well-being for those who would like to improve their lifestyle by walking and who love sporting a unique look.